Professional Learning

Professional Learning underpins all that we do with staff and the broader community. It is a key component of the Barker Institute's Mission...

Key to the ongoing development of staff is access to authentic, professional learning experiences that foster the interest, capacity and understanding of one’s own practice. It is most successful when it is situated in the learning environment and developed through the ongoing sharing of ideas within the learning community. The Barker Institute continues to grow, creatively developing the opportunities for professional learning locally, nationally or globally, whether for staff, students, parents or members of the community. We believe that everyone can share and learn new things and the Barker Institute looks to inspire all to become lifelong learners.

As the Barker Institute has grown and diversified its role in the past two years, it now offers a range of professional learning opportunities throughout the year including our widely acclaimed free Community Forums for anyone to attend, our new Focus on Learning Series for Parents, our Twilight Series that features alumni, parents and past students and our newly developed series of Parents' Forums across the various Junior, Middle and Senior Schools so as to engage with and share key learning and developmental issues for the parents and our teaching staff of over 270 practitioners. Our aim is to share widely and inspire and motivate the community to engage and think about the latest and most important issues within society and education more broadly. Whether it is Warwick Holmes sharing his story of the Rosetta Mission, Christine Nixon inspiring the next generation of Women Leaders or Dr Anita Collins sharing her insight about the importance of music and neuroscience in our youngest learners, this ongoing exposure to new ideas and thinking is a key aspect of the Barker Insitute's core focus.

In 2017, the Barker Institute will provide professional learning to support the implementation of cross curricular initiatives, new approaches to assessment, our WATS (Writing Across The School) project, combined with our focus on emerging technology in learning. Through the provision of courses and experiences that enable staff to explore new and innovative pedagogy, we hope to keep both staff and students inspired and motivated in the learning process. Crucial to this will be the exploration of quality teaching practice and ongoing self-reflection, combined with the development of inquiry learning while exploring creative delivery of lessons across all subject areas from PreK-12.

To complement the various ongoing professional learning experiences, the College of Teachers has been formed to inspire staff to reflect, observe and gather new ideas and practices from their colleagues. The College of Teachers includes experienced teachers who will mentor staff and engage in reflective practice across different age levels and curriculum areas. This is an exciting initiative and one that will assist staff to continually refine and review their own approach to teaching.

As a registered provider Barker College aims to provide ongoing delivery of updates relating to the Australian Curriculum, the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), NESA and teacher accreditation. It is hoped that the Barker Institute can continue to develop collaborative ventures with institutions and with aspiring teachers as they prepare to enter the teaching profession.

A key area of our professional learning continues to be developing the capacity of all staff as we work together to realise co-education across the whole school at both the Hornsby and Darkinjung campuses. 

Watch our events page for upcoming forums, lectures and presenters as they arise throughout the year. Similarly, follow us on FB and Twitter for regular updates.