National Emerging Leaders' Program - NELP

For the past two years, the Barker Institute, the Association of Independent Schools NSW and The Caulfield Grammar School have been working collaboratively as partners to develop the skill and capacity of emerging Middle Leaders within our two schools. Having undertaken the program and implemented it for the first time in 2016, we are very pleased to be working with CGS again this year. Similar to 2016, five members of staff have been selected across our Secondary, Junior and Darkinjung Campus to participate in this NELP program. Participants undertake a series of training days and project workshops during the year, while also being appointed a reciprocal coach who is an existing member of the Senior Leadership team at the partner school. 

By engaging the emerging leaders with experienced members of staff in different locations, the opportunity to share professionally and also work alongside others is an incredibly powerful and valuable opportunity for all involved. Mr Phillip Heath - Head of Barker College and Rev Andrew Syme - Head of Caulfield Grammar School are strong advocates for the development of emerging leaders and they continue to support this project as it is lead by the AIS. Both schools have already stated their intention to continue again in 2018 with another group of emerging leaders from both schools. 

Working alongside the established College of Teachers' program at Barker College, where staff over 45 staff have been trained as professional coaches, the NELP project complements the work being undertaken on a larger scale within the school, while aligning well with the key mission of the Barker Institute which is to share knowledge locally, nationally and internationally. 

Each of the five participants from CGS and Barker College spends the entire year developing a significant project within their own area of responsibility and then reports on this at the conclusion of the year. Members of the Barker College NELP team in 2017 visited CGS in February and in August, the CGS staff will visit Barker College and spend three days with their partners, coaches and instructors.